Phat Matt's Brewery

Located in beautiful Central Oregon, in the town of Redmond, Phat Matt’s brewery benefits tremendously from the purity of its pristine natural water source, the majesty of the Cascade mountain range and the people that call this high desert oasis home. Originating in the snow capped peaks, the purist glacial fed water flows completely submerged into the volcanic aquifer, allowing us to brew the most flawless of beers.

The entire brewing process is overseen by founding partner Matt Mulder. Building on his talents as both chef & restaurateur, Matt’s canvas is no longer a plate of food but a pint of beer. Blending the purest water with the finest Oregon hops Matt then filters the beer for clarity, resulting in the perfect pint.

Here at Phat Matt’s we fully embrace the philosophy that beer is for every occasion, anytime, anywhere.

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